Emma Fowlie

Emma works at The Sir Duncan Rice Library at the University of Aberdeen, and studied Anthropology and Geography as an undergraduate. She is a science novice but is interested in the ways in which science can help to solve the issues facing our World today.  Emma has worked with local community projects in Aberdeen and has volunteered in Aberdeen community radio for the past 10 years – Emma previously hosted the Cherrybomb on shmuFM.  Outside work, she enjoys spending her time tending to her veggie patch and garden, as well going to see live music.


Cherry Bomb

A music based womans hour just what shmuFM needs!

Presented by Emma Fowlie, Lori Wilson

Talking Science

The Talking Science show is packed full of science news and views relevant to everyday life. Each week the team from the University of Aberdeen bring you science you can try at home in DIY science, feature interviews with scientists here in Aberdeen about their groundbreaking work and take a look at the latest science news and views.