Woodside Free Press Spring 2018 dates

What’s the story in Woodside? We want to hear from you to help fill the pages of the next Woodside Free Press magazine.

The Woodside Free Press is a magazine dedicated entirely to the community and it’s up to local people what should be included in it. The team is made up of local volunteers who attend meetings, help make decisions on what should be included, write stories, take photos, carry out interviews and proof read so there is definitely a role for everybody.

We meet on Monday afternoons at 12:30pm in the Woodside Community Centre Café. Our next batch of meetings will be held:

·         Monday 12th of February

·         Monday 26th February

·         Monday 12th March

·         Monday 26th March

If you would like to find out more get in touch with Laura on 01224 515013, email or look up Woodside Free Press on Facebook.