57 North Presents: Los Acousticos Bandidos

Local acoustic duo on shmuFM

57 North Presents: Daily Racket

Local songwriters create a racket on shmuFM

57 North Presents: Broadsea

Local alt-rockers Broadsea on shmuFM

What is shmuSOUND?

shmuSOUND is our dedicated music and sound strand. We support people (predominantly those in Regeneration Areas) to explore and experience the world of music and sound. Underpinning all of our work is the recognition of the importance of both process and output. We understand that musical experiences can be useful to different people in different ways and therefore aim to offer a broad range of music-making opportunities to all interested parties. 

Our work can be broadly separated into two parts; though often the two do overlap. Part of our work focuses mainly on output (CDs, high-quality performances, polished artists etc), where we support the local contemporary music scene and focus on supporting artists and bands to record, promote and broadcast new music.
The rest of our work focuses more heavily on the process of music-making with less emphasis on the output. This includes, the delivery of sessions to young people through Shmu's employability strand where we use music and sound to help develop confidence, self-efficacy and other lifeskills; the delivery of music and sound workshops to people in recovery to help them in their journey; the design and delivery of a program of music sessions to offenders both inside and outside the prison aim the aim of positively impacting on the lives of prisoners and thus contributing to overall crime desistance.
In order to carry out our projects effectively we work with a range of skilled and experienced tutors who share our understanding of the myriad positive roles music can play in enhancing well-being and creating a richer cultural landscape for all.

Latest News

57 North Presents: Los Acousticos Bandidos

This week on 57° North Presents, we're delighted to feature Los Acousticos Bandidos! They appeared live on the show on Monday the 19th of June from 8-10pm, playing tracks of theirs, talking us through their careers and even treating u

Date added: 19/06/2017

57 North Presents: Daily Racket

This week on shmuFM, we're delighted to feature local indie/alternative rock band Daily Racket! They will appear live on 57 North Presents on Monday the 22

Date added: 22/05/2017

57 North Presents: Broadsea

This week on 57° North Presents, we're excited to feature local alt-rockers Broadsea! Tune in to the show on shmuFM from 8-10pm to hear three of their tracks, an interview with members of the band, and surely much more - including local music news.

Date added: 15/05/2017

Supporting Local Music

One of the main activities of this strand of SHMU work is to support local music.  Here’s what we’ve been doing recently to provide a platform for emerging local talent.

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Commercial arm/shmuTRADE

Do you want to record in our state-of-the-art studio? Are you a community choir, school band, poet, playwright or musician? We can offer very competitive rates for recording promotional CDs that your organisation can then sell for fundraising or use to promote your work. We can link everything to shmuFM so you can also find out how you can secure radio play or appearances on shows running on our community radio station. To find out more about rates and services click here.