57 North Presents: Deadloss Superstar

Local rock/punk/metal collective Deadloss Superstar feature on shmuFM

This week on 57° North Presents, we're delighted to feature Deadloss Superstar! They appeared live on the show on Monday the 10th of July from 8-10pm, playing tracks from their across their sixteen-year career and chatting to us about all things Deadloss Superstar!

Deadloss Superstar is a shifting collective of dreamers and miscreants, informed with a melodic, murderous rage: their fusion of rock, punk, metal and grunge has been pleasantly surprising relieved audiences for the past sixteen years.

With a constantly changing line-up (fourteen official members and counting) their sound, thankfully, never has time to grow stale. New songwriters and influences constantly bubble to the surface, providing fresh impetus and sinister new directions and sounds, all delivered with the sort of committed and memorable show you’d expect from an adrenaline-fulled punk-rock band inspired as much by the Stooges, Dolls and MC5 as by Clutch, QOTSA or The Bronx.

Despite the songs jumping from frantic punky thrash, to slow-burning epics, to satisfyingly brutal slabs of rock, they somehow still manage to sound like a coherent outfit with a defined sound - perhaps it’s the singer, the one constant member in their sixteen year career.

If you like what you hear, you can request any of Deadloss Superstar's tracks on any of our live shows by contacting the studio on 01224 483413, by texting 60300 (type SHMU, leave a space and then your message) or by emailing studio@shmu.org.uk

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