Band of the Week 5 Year Birthday

The Band of the Week Show as we know it comes to a close

Five years ago, on the 8th of August 2011, Jaimi Ray and Mark E first presented the Band of the Week Show on shmuFM.

Now, on the 8th of August 2016, we'll be celebrating five years of local bands coming in to our studio here at Station House, promoting their various EPs and albums, upcoming gigs, going on unpredictable tangents, and even performing live for us in session! You can relive most of these live sets by visiting our Soundcloud.

We also have five albums available for free download, including two albums of live tracks from the latter half of the BotW show's run.

It is indeed the end of an error - we mean, era - as we bid a very fond farewell to our brilliant, charismatic hosts Jaimi Ray and Mark E, but fret not, as the show will relaunch soon with a fresh sound, new presenter(s) and more.

So tune in to 99.8fm (or listen online) to see the show off in style, as Jaimi invites us to have "the best Monday night we'll have all week", one last time.

You can get in touch by calling 01224 483413 during a song, texting 60300 (start your text with SHMU and leave a space before your message), or emailing if you'd like to request a track, or just get involved with the show's finale.