Positive Transitions gets musical

trainees write piece for graduation

Positive Transitions have been busy behind the scenes, continuing their great work with young people aged 16-19. The PT music sessions are an exercise in self-expression and self-reflection where participants are encouraged to listen to and reflect upon the music they like.  From this process the group will produce a piece of music together for their graduation ceremony that represents each of them – both musically and lyrically.

Each participant contributes in their own way. For example, some prefer the more technical aspects of producing music and get involved in the studio while other like to sing, rap or play an instrument and contribute more to the creation of the piece.

Everyone is asked to write a short section about where they were before they joined PT, how they find it and where they'd like to be after the course. This section can be sung, rapped or simply spoken. Taken together, the music and the lyrics represent the group as a whole.

The piece represents their individual musical tastes and their different journeys and stories. It also demonstrates their ability to work together and to make compromises.

Positive Transition participants take part in weekly employability sessions where they work on CV writing, interview, presentation and job search skills. Throughout the course issues such as attendance & timekeeping, confidence, communication skills, personal presentation and appropriate language and behaviour are monitored and addressed. The aim is to have young people “job ready” so that they can sustain employment within the labour market following completion of the course.